About Us

Tony and Ann Mann both grew up in Marshall County, KS.  Ann, growing up on a farm outside of Marysville, has always enjoyed working with decorating, whether it was garden flowers or houses. Tony has enjoyed outdoors and hunting all of his life but when Kansas change their laws by allowing out of state hunting, the world of hunting became a different venture.  The local farmers were leasing their ground to the out of state hunters which left Tony out of the picture. Since he didn’t own any ground and for him to stay involved in outdoors and hunting, he decided to become a guide.  With that, we leased some ground from Tony’s family and friends but then we needed a place for the hunters to stay.  In September of 2003, Tony and Ann bought the 1876, Wanamaker Victorian house uptown.  There hadn’t been any renovations to the house since the late 60’s and it had sat empty for about four years. It was our first major renovation. We had redone four rental houses over over the years but nothing to this magnitude. We didn’t know anything about running a hunting operation or a bed-and-breakfast but we dove in feet first. Our first guests were in May 2004, and our first hunters came that November. On December 1st 2008, we sold the old bed-and-breakfast and bought the 1910, Hensley house at 134 West Hazelwood, which was being condemned by the city. The house had no running water, except when it rained, no heat, and it was infested with squirrels and the North basement wall had caved in. The house was still full of 1960s furniture, on all three floors. First we replaced the roof and the front porch so we could safely get into the house and start moving stuff out for an auction.  With a lot of hard work we got the house up and going by November of 2009. Over the years, our guests have come very close friends and still stay with us when they’re traveling this way. We’ve had the same hunters since 2004.  Ann is employed as Citizen State Bank and Tony is with the Marshall County public works department. They have two grown children and 7 grandchildren.